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  • a. Student-Teacher relationships
  • b. Occultism in schools
  • c. Should pregnant girls stay in school?


The National High School Magazine Project

  • This is a major project that seeks to bring together students of Second Cycle Institutions in each country throughout Africa, and to improve their cognitive competences, preparing them both for the world of work and for academia.

  • The theoretical concept being applied in the National High School Magazine Project is the Social Learning Theory of Behavior Change Communication. This theory argues that Human Beings learn not only from their own actions and inactions, but also by observing the actions and inactions of other people, and the consequences thereof. This theory has been successfully applied in programming for Behaviour Change among young people by many renowned, international organizations, including UNICEF and other multilaterals.

    In applying this concept, therefore, students of Second Cycle Institutions will have the opportunity to observe (through reading and pictures), the actions and inactions of their peers countrywide as well as receive positive reinforcement from education authorities, who are responsible for the moral and social welfare of these students. The National High School Magazine, therefore is essentially and fertile platform for nurturing good behavior among school going youth in Uganda and other parts of Africa.

  • To provide an excellent opportunity and platform for the school going youth throughout Uganda to share ideas and interact with their peers regardless of their geographical, socio-cultural and socioeconomic limitations and also gives them a voice to contribute on important national issues, thus,fostering their inclusiveness for the development process.

    • To help students learn how to learn
    • To keep them safe from abuse and exploitation
    • To help them grow to their fullest potential
    • To inculcate a reading culture among them
    • To improve their cognitive competences
    • To prepare them for the world of work or academia
    • To complement the usual pedagogy of classroom learning in a controlled way
    • To project students’ voices on national issues
  • The Magazine comes out every year (every term), in accordance with the academic calendar of the Ministry of Education in Uganda. In Ghana, this project has the full backing of the Ministry of Education and the magazine is currently circulating in all 10 regions, reaching up to 50,000 students directly and 250,000 students indirectly.

    The National High School Magazine also serves as a platform for the stakeholders of education in Uganda to reach the students, youth and the public in general with important information on policies as well as general moral exhortation. The magazine seeks to inform, educate and empower in an entertaining way, the Ugandan youth SUBSCRIBE NOW!

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