About AFY

About Advocate For Youth

Advocate For Youth (AFY) is a youth centered Non-Governmental Organization. We are committed to complementing the education of young people in schools, developing and sustaining their interest in development processes regarding health, employment, migration and education among other socially relevant interventions, and increasing their ownership of such processes. Our ultimate aim is to engender an effective dialogue among this demographic group as well as include them in actions and relationships with the state institutions responsible for their welfare, in order to empower the otherwise somewhat idle and seemingly excluded youth to have a greater ownership of the country’s and the world’s development processes. The organization is international in scope and is duly registered under the laws of Ghana.

Our activities are so far limited to countries within the Africa Region with the head office in Ghana, West Africa. Since its first incorporation in Ghana on June 2003, the organization has collaborated with a number of District and other local government authorities as well as Non-governmental Organizations in the areas of malaria and HIV / AIDS prevention as well as capacity building of various kinds. The organization is unique in the sense that we have a specific aim of partnering with governments and government institutions as well as the private sector to empower young people and develop their ideals and talents for a sustainable future, while pursuing our business objectives of raising revenue to improve and sustain as well as expand our operations. Advocate For Youth has become a prominent organization in Africa. The organization is a great brand among students of Second Cycle Institutions in Ghana as well as all the countries in which we operate. It is a member of the Youth, Development and Peace (YDP) Network of the World Bank Group; the Ghana Information Network for Knowledge Sharing (www.ginks.org); the Ghana Roll Back Malaria (RBM) Coalition of NGOs and of the Coalition of NGOs in Health.

The organization is a great brand among students of Second Cycle Institutions in Ghana as well as all the countries in which we operate.

The organization is duly recognized by the Ministry of Education and working hand-in-hand with the Ghana Association of Head Teachers. AFY is also associated with the Commonwealth of Learning (col) and receives educational information from them through the internet. We have participated actively in a number of workshops and seminars concerning youth education, empowerment and health. Among such programs are the National Youth Leaders Conference to promote the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, a three day international conference on Youth, Development and Peace organized by the World Bank Africa Region and the National ‘fresh air’ technical update and coordination workshop organized by Project Concern International (PCI) and funded by CORE (Child Survival Collaboration and Resources Group) based in the United States of America. We have since associated with the CORE groups working on Malaria Control and “Social and Behaviour Change” (SBC). Hence, share our information internationally through the CORE member ‘listserve’. We also receive as well as share information on best practices with these groups. (www.coregroup.org) Therefore, we are well informed on the technicalities involved in youth empowerment, education and health, especially in the areas of malaria and HIV / AIDS case management, multiple prevention and partnership building. The organization is also a prominent member of the Youth Employment Summit (www.yesweb.org), which is a global network of NGOs committed to helping young people put their talents to good use for a sustainable future.

Apart from these, we associate with the Youth Advocate Project International (www.yapi.org). All of our activities are therefore geared towards ensuring a sustainable future for the youth through education and Capacity Building. We are also committed to conducting focused research on migration, health and other socially relevant issues and make useful recommendations to appropriate organizations (government or non governmental). Our staff comprises competent scientists, including Social Scientists, Human Resource Developers, Behaviour Change Specialists and other highly skilled young professionals, who are all zealously ready to make a sustainable impact in the lives of other young people. Majority of our staff membership are in themselves young people and so have a clear understanding of youth behaviour in addition to our immense experience and expertise around the subject of Youth Development and Behaviour Change Communication. We operate directly within the meso and macro environments of the youth. Through our activities we build their capacity and arouse their interest in issues regarding positive attitudes in their own interests and in the interest of the communities in which the youth live and grow.

Our Mission

Our mission

To give more meaning to Secondary Education through empowerment of students and young people in general, creating

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Our Vision

Our mission

A world where the youth can live their ideas and ideals to their own individual benefits and to the benefit of society as a

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Our Objectives

Our vision

1.To help students learn how to learn 2.To project student’s voices on National issues 3.To improve the cognitive competences of

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